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Over the years, the term “Intellectual Property” has assumed immense potential for national and international businesses. Intellectual Property has emerged as one of the important assets for any organization or individual.

Intellectual Property Rights (or IPRs) refers to the bundle of rights arising out of the application of intellect by human beings. Meléndez & Bonilla aims to protect this bundle of rights for its vulnerable clients, so that the assets of the organization or individual remains where they rightfully belong.

What we offer?

Meléndez & Bonilla has expertise in the following specialized areas that cater to our esteemed national and international clients, and protect and preserve their precious Intellectual Property in Costa Rica –

  • Registration and Licensing of Patents of Invention, Industrial Drawings and Utility Models
  • Registration and maintenance of Trademarks, Service Marks and Logos
  • Registration and Licensing of Copyright and Related Rights for authors and artists
  • Registration Industrial Designs
  • Protection of Industrial Secrets
  • Registration and Protection of Domain Names
  • Protection of Geographical Indicators

A Bit About IP Protection in Costa Rica

Intellectual Property in Costa Rica, unlike most of the developed and developing nations, has an elevated status of Constitutional Protection. Article 47 of the Political Constitution expressly states: “Any author, producer or merchant shall temporally have the exclusive property of his piece of work, invention, trademark or commercial name, all according to the law.”

Deriving its strength from the Constitution, and conforming to various international treaties, the government of Costa Rica has enacted separate legislation to protect different Intellectual Properties.


The Costa Rican legislation on Trademarks allows registration of distinctive trademarks or service marks of businesses, including collective trademarks, certification trademarks, sound trademarks, geographical indications, commercial names, slogans, logos, or emblems. Meléndez & Bonilla team of experts offer complete services regarding –

  • Information and Legal Advice relating to your trademark
  • Determining the category for your trademark
  • Facilitating the legal formalities to register your trademark
  • Registering your trademark
  • Licensing of your trademark
  • Protecting the famous marks of stars and celebrities
  • Registration and Protection of Domain Names


Costa Rica accords maximum copyright protection to the creative works of authors and artists for a term that lasts for the life of the author plus seventy years. At Meléndez & Bonilla, we feel privileged to offer quality services regarding –

  • Information and Legal Advice relating to your copyrights in Costa Rica
  • Registration of your copyright
  • Continued protection of your copyrights in your work
  • Licensing of your copyright


Costa Rica has a consolidated legislation that deals with Patents of Inventions, Industrial Drawings and Utility Models and protects all such patents for a period of twenty years. Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm is your true ally in –

  • Providing all Information and Legal Advice relating to your patent rights in Costa Rica
  • Facilitating the preparing and filing of patent application
  • Licensing of Patents to third parties

Circuit Designs

Our country acknowledges the importance of in-house Research and Development undertaken by commercial organizations to create unique industrial designs. A separate legislation that deals with Integrated Circuit Design System to protect the intellectual property in IC designs was enacted in 1999. Meléndez & Bonilla assists you in –

  • Providing all Information and Legal Advice relating to your IP rights in Integrated Circuits in Costa Rica
  • Registration and Licensing of all such Intellectual Property in IC Designs

Meléndez & Bonilla caters to every possible Intellectual Property aspect in Costa Rica for national as well as international clients. With hundreds of satisfied clients globally, our law firm is perched on the topmost echelons of Costa Rican legal counsels. With a legal and paralegal team of highly educated, trained and skillful personnel, Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm eagerly awaits the opportunity to serve your legal requirements in Costa Rica.