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San José, Costa Rica

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Make the Best of Tax Exemptions with Us in Costa Rica

The Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm specializes in Taxation Laws in Costa Rica. We cater to local, national, and international clients – both commercial and individual.

Making the Best of Tax Exemptions

Costa Rica taxation regulations offer exemptions worth thousands of dollars for business. Meléndez & Bonilla experts have been handling tax-related issues for more than 15 years. We offer all help ranging from personal income tax to capital gains tax. We are always ready to provide you with the best advice on understanding the tax landscape in Costa Rica and how it applies to your business venture. We could help you even if you are starting a new business venture in the country.

Allied Taxation Help

The scope of commercial legal help you could receive from Meléndez & Bonilla goes beyond taxation. We handle all your commercial law issues including those relating to income, property, capital gain, transfer, sales and import, working in the free zone, employment, corporate law, and more. You can trust us for the best legal advice on laws relating to absolutely any commercial matter. Our experts could guide you with accounting so that you could follow the best course of investments for maximum tax benefits.

Set Up a Corporation

We specialize in business laws, rules, and regulations. We could even help you set up a corporation or company in Costa Rica.

  • You can leave all the documentation to us for:
  • Formation of companies - Private and public
  • Power of attorney - general and specific
  • Certification of company powers (Personerías)
  • Trade marks and commercial names,
  • Public notary documents (Escrituras)
  • Leases and rent contracts,
  • Loans and mortgages,
  • Operating permission for affiliated companies or foreign branches
  • Collections by legal process,
  • Study and correction of contracts,
  • Preparation and professional formulation of internal work regulations,
  • Demands or defense of a labor demand, and more

We could even set up and manage a full-fledged virtual office for you providing you advice on how to obtain work permits, immigration services, and residency help for staff.

At Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm we offer the same personalized and professional help to both individuals and corporations. You need not worry about any litigation either. Our lawyers have years of experience with a specialized litigation strategy.

We believe in providing the greatest level of efficiency with the minimum time spent in litigation.

Contact one of our lawyers today, and you could forget about your taxation worries.