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3335 10th Avenue, between Calles 33 and 35

100 meters south and 250 east from Casa Italia

adjacent to the Venezuelan Ambassador's House

San José, Costa Rica

Local: (506) 2224-2800

Toll free (US and Canada): 1-800-378-7542



Retire To Costa Rica with Expert Advice

The experts at Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm totally understand exactly what you want when you fall in love with Costa Rica! Moreover, they specialize in ensuring that you succeed with your retirement plans to this beautiful country without any hassle.

Our team of experts specializes in all immigration-related cases. We could help you with working, housing, investing, or any other legal requirement you would have in Costa Rica.

Residency in Costa Rica

We have been helping foreigners to retire in Costa Rica for more than 15 years now. Relocating to Costa Rica is a time-consuming legal process if handled by yourself. However, our experts know how to take care of all the paperwork for you while you plan your dream life ahead. We could even help you with dual citizenship. Leave the entire immigration procedures to us without worrying about anything.

Legal Safety

Don't worry about unscrupulous elements taking advantage of you even if you don't know Spanish – the first language of Costa Rica. We are a reputed law firm with a wide range of legal services for issues relating not just to immigration. With us, your immigration case is in safe hands. You won't have to worry about losing thousands of dollars in the immigration processes. Nor, would you have to worry about inadvertent errors ruining your application forms.

Complete Information

The Law Firm of Meléndez & Bonilla's immigration lawyers stay updated on all the latest changes to the Costa Rica Immigration Laws. We have excellent rapport with the officials of the Costa Rica Immigration Office and can help sort out any problem. Our charges are nominal and cover all legal services, presentation of all documents, correction of all documents, and notarization services. Our experts are thorough with their work and you won't have to bother about anything.

You can trust us as a reputed firm that would handle your case with individual attention. You could evaluate our expertise by the scope of our services. We are not limited just to providing legal help to residency applicants in Costa Rica. We handle all legal services relating to business, living, and working in the country. Our fees are very cost-effective and services extremely efficient.

Contact us today, and you will be surprised how soon your dreams about retiring in Costa Rica can come true – with no hassles!