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Complete Legal Guidance for Getting Married in Costa Rica

Getting married is special. Getting married in Costa Rica is double special. Don't let the legal process involved in getting married in Costa Rica spoil the charm for you. Leave all the paperwork, procedures, and legal arrangements to the Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm

Our expert team of legal professionals has been providing excellent guidance to national and international clients for more than 15 years. We not only help you arrange for your special day but also provide all information you might need to have a great marriage in Costa Rica.

Your Costa Rica wedding would be registered with the civil registry and with the embassy of your home country. Costa Rica marriages are legal all over the world and are internationally recognized. You would need to give us just the basic information and we would handle all the legal procedures while you get down to planning the wedding.

The best part is that you would not need any notarized documents, as your passport is enough as an identification document. Foreign driver's licenses, state or other country identification cards, and social security cards are not acceptable forms of identification. You could notify us three weeks in advance and we would get everything in place for you by the time you arrive in Costa Rica.

It is mandatory for the presence of an attorney to facilitate the tropical wedding and file the necessary documentation with the Civil Service Registry and your home embassy. We would even provide two mandatory witnesses if you do not wish to have two friends act witnesses. There are specific requirements as to who can be a witness under Costa Rica marriage laws. We would help you with all your queries regarding the Law.

It takes approximately three months before the Certificate of Marriage is processed after the marriage has taken place. The Costa Rica marriage must be registered with the Costa Rica Civil Registry to be internationally recognized, and it takes 11-12 weeks for the marriage to be registered in their records. We would handle the rush option for an additional fee, translations and authentications of certificates, registrations, and more. We would even facilitate you in all the legal proceeding if you wish to live or work in Costa Rica at a later date!

Just call us today and speak to one of our experts and you can continue dreaming about your dream wedding without any worries.