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Let Us Guide You on All Labor Issues in Costa Rica

The Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm specializes in providing legal help with all labor-related issued. The Costa Rica Labor Code is an extensive document that details the general laws governing all labor relationships. There are subsidiary laws too. The Labor Code covers all kinds of employees – domestic, business, government, corporate, and even part-time wager-earners.

The Costa Rica Labor Code covers work permits, hiring of domestic employees, compensations to be paid on firing an employee, payments for holidays, vacations, bonuses, etc. It also lists regulations about notice period, trial period, obligations on the part of the employer and employee. An employer would have to pay a severe penalty for firing an employee without a just reason. Contracts – oral or written - are absolutely necessary for any kind of employment.

Any Employee-Related Issue

We can guide you on hiring employees, firing employees, employment contracts, work permits, vacation and holidays for staff, bonus payments, social security system registrations, domestic employees, insurance, income tax, notice and termination of services, working hours, overtime, sick leave, maternity leave, salary and minimum wages, labor unions, strikes, and even public service benefits.

Litigation Issues

Our lawyers know how to handle any litigation problem too. We focus on a cost-effective strategy to ensure that minimum time is involved in litigation with efficient handling of your case.

Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm lawyers can advise you on every and any aspect of the Labor Law.

Foreign Staff

Foreigners need a work permit to work in Costa Rica. Their employer has to justify that they possess a skill set that is not available in the local labor force. A work permit is also granted to foreign employees of foreign companies that have been contracted by the Costa Rica Government to work on projects in the country.

We provide excellent and hassle-free help with immigration of employees and work permits. An unintended error could get an immigration application rejected. We take care of all that documentation while you focus on your business project.

The scope of our legal services goes beyond the Labor Law. Moreover, our experts could guide you on virtually every aspect of business in Costa Rica. We could help you with taxes, buying corporations, setting up business in Costa Rica, and more. We have provided legal counsel on Labor Laws to the best corporate houses and top employers in the country.

Contact us today, and we would save you time, money, and effort with all your Labor Law-related needs.