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San José, Costa Rica

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Expert Help on Setting Up And Maintaining Corporations In Costa Rica

Meléndez & Bonilla pride themselves on providing expert advice for creating, maintaining, and assisting in the operations of Costa Rica corporations. This site offers you comprehensive and latest legal information about everything you would need to set up and manage a corporation in the country.

Getting Started

You can trust our team of international lawyers to help you set up or buy a trust even if you don't reside in Costa Rica. We will take care of all the paperwork for you, and even provide our business address for setting up the corporation. You would receive complete help even if you want to buy a corporation in Costa Rica. Our office would also provide secretarial help which is mandatory for setting up a corporation in the country.

We take care of feasibility studies, business plans, company valuations, implementation of all business process. We offer advice on direct foreign investment, business acquisitions, financing proposals and other services that you would need to get started.

No Headache with Taxation

Trust us to help you in maximizing your business returns and manage all the accounting, statistics, and taxation. It's our job to help you make the best of Costa Rica laws for availing all tax benefits possible.

Virtual Office

Our Law Office would be your local legal representative. We would take care of the daily operations and book-keeping of your corporation. We offer you an efficient virtual office including:

  • your corporate ID allowing you to conduct business and hold property in Costa Rica
  • A Costa Rica address and post-office box
  • A bank license that would ill allow you to open an account with a Costa Rica bank into which your business can make deposits along with other transactions

The Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm provides excellent counsel with all commercial matters. We give you individualized service that you would only get with a private lawyer plus the expertise of a big law firm that can handle commercial litigation at the international level.

Our lawyers are the best in their field. We specialize in business laws, rules, and regulations. We even help you with imports, exports, motor vehicle license plates, immigration and residency issues, and more. All you need to do is watch your business plans unfold once you place your project in our hands.

Contact one of our lawyers today, and be surprised at how we can simplify the process of owning a successful corporation in Costa Rica.