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Risk and Hassle Free Immigration, Work Permits, and Residency

Allow the experts at Meléndez & Bonilla to fulfill your dream of living or working in Costa Rica. Our experts are ready to help you even if you want to invite employees from abroad for your business venture. We offer detailed and latest legal information about immigration, work permits, retirement, and more. Our experts could save you legal hassles, paperwork, and money for all your immigration needs.

Residency in Costa Rica

Immigration and permanent residency in Costa Rica is a time consuming legal process. Our experts know how to handle both types of residency processes namely retirement and investment without you wasting time and money on fulfilling your dream. Our lawyers have immense experience in the field.

Citizenship Options

Costa Rica allows dual citizenship. Our experts could handle the entire immigration and naturalization procedures without you worrying about anything.

Work Permit Help

Costa Rica work permit is granted to person for living and working in the country for an extended period of time – usually more than a year. Our experts could easily take care of all the paperwork required for business personnel of large corporations, and individuals with specialized skills. Our lawyers are experts at the Costa Rica Labor Law and would give you the best advice on your work permit requirements.

Legal Safety

We can save you from unscrupulous elements who take advantage of the fact that you don't know Spanish – the first language of Costa Rica. You don't have to worry about spoiling your immigration case, and losing thousands of dollars in the immigration processes. Our experts know all the best ways to help you legally relocate to Costa Rica without any unnecessary delays.

Complete Information

The Law Firm of Meléndez & Bonilla's immigration lawyers have latest updates on Costa Rican Immigration Laws that keep changing without notice these days. They have excellent rapport with the Costa Rican Immigration Office staff and can help sort out any problem. Our charges are nominal and cover all legal services, presentation of all documents, correction of all documents, and notarization services. Our experts are thorough with their work and you don't have to take the headache of filling any forms. Even otherwise, an unintended error could have your application rejected permanently. Don't take the risk by yourself or with an amateur legal adviser.

Contact one of our lawyers today, and we would get you or your staff to Costa Rica as soon as possible.