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Complete legal help for all your Divorce Related Needs in Costa Rica

The Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm is your trusted professional partner and compassionate friend in helping with any divorce case in Costa Rica. We have excelled at providing counsel to even individuals of high net-worth. Handling a divorce case all by yourself is emotionally traumatic, and could be financially draining too.

Costa Rica has a detailed Family Law system. A lot of foreigners also like to get married along the romantic beaches of the country. The laws vary according to the nationality of the couple and where they got married.

The Costa Rica Family Law is straightforward if both the partners are citizens of the country. The divorce is allowed within three months with a mutual agreement if the couple has been married for more than three years. Foreigners married to a Costa Rica woman would have to pay for their children if the man decides to leave the country after the divorce.

A divorce is not allowed in Costa Rica if the marriage is less than three years old. Foreigners could initiate divorce proceedings in their home country. When divorce is finalized in another country, then a foreign resolution is to be logged with the Costa Rica civil registry.

In case residents of Costa Rica get married abroad but wish to continue divorce proceedings in the country, they would have to first have their marriage license authenticated and translated in Costa Rica. These are standard cases but individual factors would have to be considered in each case.

Adultery, domestic violence, and prostitution by a married person are viewed very seriously by the Costa Rica Family Law. The Domestic Violence Act was established in 1996 for the protection of women, children, and relatives. Domestic violence attracts could be a basis for divorce even if the marriage is not three years old. Protective directives would be issued without civil or criminal lawsuits.

You can trust us to give you the best legal advice after understanding your individual case. We ensure complete confidentiality in all cases. Our experts give individual attention to every client. We understand the pain a divorce case entails.

Yet, at Meléndez & Bonilla Law Firm, you get the same expertise as you would with a large law firm. Our lawyers have years of experience and we believe in ensuring the minimum litigation time with the maximum efficiency. Speak with one of our lawyers today, and put the worst behind you.